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About HUGH

Launching a business to win requires a strong mindset and a great sense 
of humor.

Proven Success

Hugh’s Story

My first taste of entrepreneurship took place in Detroit, MI in the early 1970’s as a paper delivery boy. Frustrated with having to ask my father for an allowance each week, I decided weeks before my twelfth birthday to start making my own money. Within three months of starting on my newspaper route I managed to grow my client base from 45 customers to 145 paying accounts. That indeed, was the start of something good. 

Forty-five years and many lessons later, I am here to share with you not only the keys to success, but the life changing failures that catapulted me to who I am today, the co-founder & CEO of WealthierUniversity. In addition to being an author, speaker, and business coach, I have a 13 -year marriage to the woman of my dreams (It’s true! I dreamed about my wife Sandra, years before finally meeting her in 2006), 3 daughters, a son, and four grandchildren. 

Within every course, podcast episode, and informative post, you will discover the tools, tactics, and strategies needed to help you finally get unstuck. You will also discover that clarity as an entrepreneur is a beautiful thing! 

Together with my team at WealthierUniversity, I help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals win in business and in life. Helping you achieve the success that you are dreaming of, is my life’s Mission. 

Through courses like (Business Launch Bootcamp and Mommypreneur Bootcamp), blog articles (, podcasts (Launch To Win), plus my forthcoming book (Rise of The New Age 
Millionaires) we’re creating the foundation that will help you launch and scale a profitable business venture. We hope that you will join us. 


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